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This is my Story

Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours.

This space is a great opportunity for me to provide some details of my life's journeys.

I want all of our listeners to  know I appreciate you listening and watching commenting &

sharing our broadcast on social media. The focus of our Ministry

 is to offer you the truth & the true word of God to you. without any hesitation 

This is also a  safe place whereas prayer is our #1 priority.
It is  my desire to please the Lord by walking by faith and not by sight,

To extend to you the gift of salvation & the invitation of Jesus Christ and

how important it is for every believer to have a personal relationship with God.

I began my first Live radio broadcast on the air the first week, under the direction of the owner

Tim Gallagher he took a chance on me, and after signing up. said to me you got to have a New name for your broadcast, go think about it God will show you, and after about a week I came back on a very cold snow storm. I told him I got it. I have been playing this C,D, for week by Bishop Greg Davis,

"Let the healing begin" Then I heard it loud in clear, on my dashboard car play,

Call it This is your day for a Miracle Broadcast  : I also called and got his book on healing and spiritual warfare. When I received my packages you can just tell that Bishop had consecrated it and ask God blessing upon it.

And So  after getting permission we were approve to use This is your day for a Miracle Broadcast

as our theme song, Since the academic of Covid 19 I have learned to edit, redistribute and finally produce my own radio, audio and  video including analytics and troubleshooting issues,

What a lot of people may not know is a lot of the prayer counselors, and guest host also preached their first sermon on our Saturday morning broadcast and interact intercede for other in the prayer room.

On this page I will be talking about how I started  in the Ministry of helps, explain how the people of God has become a commitment.  Prayer is a daily assessment and priority, and the word of is the final authority.

copyright Ⓒ 2020@andremurphyministries;@thisisyourdayforamiraclebroadcast

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